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25 East Weatogue Street | Simsbury CT 06070 | 860-651-3926

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Wholesale Items

Rosedale Farms & Vineyards is happy to offer our many local friends including restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and nearby farms the chance to select from our large selection of fruits and vegetables. Simply fill in the form below with your order, and a member of our farm team will follow-up with you as soon as possible. We'll make every effort to accommodate our wholesalers.

NOTE: Please do not attempt to place an order if you are not a wholesaler.

To Place a Wholesale Order please text Marshall at 860-810-4440

Crop Unit Availability
Sweet Corn : Butter & Sugar Bag (Aprox. 60 Ears) Available
Sweet Corn:  Supersweet Bag (Aprox. 60 Ears) Available
Sweet Corn: Silver/White Bag (Aprox. 60 Ears) Available
Cherry Tomatoes Per Pound Unvailable
Grape Tomatoes Per Pound Unvailable
Sungold Tomatoes Per Pound Unvailable
Slicer Tomatoes Per Pound Unvailable
Heirloom Tomatoes Per Pound Unvailable
Cucumbers Per Pound Available
Pickling Cucumbers Per Pound Available
Squash: Yellow Summer Per Pound Available
Squash: Green Zuchini Per Pound Available
Squash: Green Striped Tiger Per Pound Unvailable
Squash: Yellow Zuchini Per Pound Available
Native Peaches Per Pound Available
Squash: PattyPan Per Pound Unvailable
Squash: Eightball Per Pound Unvailable
Squash Blossoms Each Available
Curly Kale Per Pound Available
Red Russian Kale Per Pound Available
Dinosaur Kale Per Pound Available
Bok Choy Per Pound Unvailable
Basil Per Pound Avilable
Santo Cilantro Per Pound Unvailable
Russian Tarragon Per Pound Available
Sage Per Pound Available
Yellow Beans Per Pound Available
Green Beans Per Pound Available
Purple Beans Per Pound Available
Zinnias Per Bouquet Available
Mixed Bouquets Per Bouquet Unvailable
Sunflowers Per Bouquet Available


Wholesale Policies

  • Order must be received by 9:00PM ET the day before delivery/pickup
  • Delivery only for orders over $50.00
  • No Deliveries on Saturday/Sunday*
    *Pick up is available at farm